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Book #3 of The Trihune Series

by RB Austin

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Hurt. Maim. Kill.

An explosive, volatile demon lives inside Sarid.

The monster seeks murder and destruction. The man seeks peace; or a silence that can only be found in death.

Until he meets her.

But his secret could ruin everything.

Trust her instincts.

Asjhone will do anything to keep her son safe. She conceals her terror during the day, but when the sun goes down, it’s locks, chains, and nightmares.

Until she meets him.

Sarid is everything she’s dreamed of. He adores her son, is kind, and would never hurt her.

But her secret could ruin everything.

Life is made up of choices.

Lose his life or lose his love? Run from her past or stand up and fight?

They must confront their pasts together, and fight for their future against a demon determined to win.

“Your turn, what do you do?” Asjhone said.

“I . . . work in security,” Sarid answered.

“Security? I thought you were a college professor or maybe worked at a museum.” At his puzzled expression, she continued. “The pastor said you were a historian.”

“Ah. Well, no. I’m not a teacher.”

“Security, huh?” She studied him.

Every spot her gaze touched, his body warmed. Face. Chest. Shoulders. Arms.

“I can see that. For a company?”

“A private company.”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s what I’m good at.”

An eyebrow lifted. “That doesn’t really answer the question.”

His lips turned up at the corners before quickly falling. “My job gives me a sense of purpose. The sense that maybe I’m doing good in the world. Sometimes, also, a feeling that I am worthy.”

Her expression softened. She reached across the table, stopped inches from his hand. “Worthy of what?”

He wanted to close that distance. Mesmerized by her stare and closeness, he answered truthfully. “Life.”

She inhaled sharply and her gaze immediately swung to Keandre. Sarid’s did, too. Keandre was watching them, forehead scrunched.

Sarid’s hand tightened on the fork, so hard he felt it bend. He lowered his head and with careful movements, set the utensil on the table. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have—”

Then her hand was covering his, squeezing gently. “No. It’s—”

“My dad was a Marine.”

Asjhone startled, then, “Keandre, interrupting is rude.”

“Sorry.” The boy’s gaze didn’t move from Sarid. “He won a medal. He died serving the country. He’s a hero. That’s what the medal says. Isn’t that right, Mom?”

“Keandre!” Asjhone whispered sharply. “Now isn’t the time.”

“Your dad sounded like a brave man,” Sarid said quietly.

Keandre stared at him with suspicion. “Do you like camping?”

“I used to sleep outside with the stars above as my nightlight.”

The boy’s eyes widened. “Without a tent?”

“Yes. Hunted for my own food, too. Cooked it over a fire.”

“Wow.” Then he snapped his mouth shut, narrowed his eyes. “What about basketball?”

“I play with my brothers sometimes.”

“I play with Devan. And sometimes Devan’s dad plays, too. Me and Devan team up against him. Last time we won.” He beamed.

“You must be a very good player.”

“I am.” Keandre scratched his chin, then, “I want a dog.”

“Dogs are loyal. I could never have a pet, but if I did I think I’d want a dog.”

“I know, me, too. I mean, I have fish.” He rolled his eyes. “But they don’t do anything. A dog can play fetch and run outside and sleep in your bed. Devan has a dog. It’s super cool. When he goes camping with his dad, they take the dog. His name’s Trevor. When I get a dog, I’m going to name him Ben.”

Sarid blinked. “Ben’s a good name for a dog.”

“Yeah, I think so, too. Mom says we can’t get a dog because we live in an apartment. But Devan has a dog and when he has to go outside, they just put him on a leash and walk him out. I’ve done that before with Devan. It’s not hard at all. I could totally do it. Don’t you think I could do it?”

Sarid glanced at Asjhone. A myriad of emotions flashed across her face. She either wanted to laugh, get angry, or cry. “How about we clear the table and then you can show me the hero super masher in your room?”

“Okay,” Keandre laughed. “But it’s Super Hero Masher.” He picked up his half-eaten pie and almost empty glass and ran into the kitchen.

A fantastic read By DMBaca

I loved this book. RB Austin is a master story teller. This story pulls you in and doesn’t let go until the end. The characters are well developed and well written. I can’t wait to read the others in the series by this author.

Hurt, Maim, Kill…. Can you imagine dealing with an evil presence within yourself every minute of the day? By Rebecca

Fallen Death is my favorite of the Fallen books by RB Austin….so far!

I love reading books involving inner conflict, strong characters, and good vs. evil. This story has all that and more.

Hurt, Maim, Kill…. Can you imagine dealing with an evil presence within yourself every minute of the day, let alone controlling it to keep innocent people safe? I’m not talking about a bully….this evil Other will literally rip a heart out and slice it up for dessert….women, children, co workers…no one is safe.

Sarid’s soul is meshed together with this evil soul who surfaces like the Incredible Hulk. The Other speaks to Sarid and sometimes all hell breaks loose.

Asjhone’s character is strong, silent about her past, and very protective of her son. She is unaware of the paranormal world she is about to be thrown into and huge, scaly, dragon-monsters are not nearly as scary as her estranged husband.

When I read Austin’s first two books, I was really nervous when the characters I cared about stood even close Sarid…would he be in control or would the Other within him break free? To read a book from Sarid’s perspective was amazing. I hated the demon, loved the demon, and now can’t wait to see what Austin will write next.

I recommend Fallen Death to Paranormal-Suspense-Thriller readers who enjoy reading a bit of steamy romance. Nice combo!

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Fallen RedemptionFallen Darkness

RB Austin enjoys torturing dogs (dressing her Cairn terrier in knitted sweaters and booties), embarrassing her daughter (singing in the car . . . at the top of her lungs . . . with the windows open . . . at a stop light), and indulging in the second deadliest sin (chocolate, Swedish fish, chocolate, sour patch watermelons, and chocolate).

This author’s love of the sun puts in her in the more-than-likely-not-a-vampire category, unless you’re referring to the bloodsuckers in her Trihune series, then all bets are off.

Feeling stalkerish? Visit her website, and learn where she hangs out on the Interwebs.


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Promo/Release Tour – Thw Last Drop Series 


Books 1 & 2

by Andrea Perno

GENRE: Science Fiction

Publication Date: May 20, 2016

They fought to death for the last drop of water. The virus erased the rest. Avery must protect his little brother, Jace, the only family he has left, his last reason for living. But when soldiers are needed, no one cares about the details. He gets Tasered before he can save Jace and himself from being forcefully conscripted.

Two years of cryo-sleep later, the brothers are aboard an aircraft taking the last humans from Earth to a new home, Panacea. Life is good. Food and water are plentiful. Jace is a happy kid who will never see a day of war.

So why does Avery feel like he’s making a big mistake trusting the new commander?

And who or what is Lupète? Why is Commander Smith so intent on making the natives on the new planet sound like bloodthirsty killers?

With his life in danger and Jace lost, Avery must find a way to protect Jace and the natives, too, before human greed and desperation destroy yet another civilization.

“I nearly got killed out there. If I die, if you die…people are being killed, Avery. No one has a good solution to this mess. No one wants to give up the rights to their water. They don’t even want to share. Shit is hitting the fan over all this. Look, Jace is too young for recruitment. Caileen would be the only other person who could sign up so that the family could live on base. Can you picture her in basic? Boy, I bet she’d be the perfect person to go out and shoot people. You aren’t even fit to do that.”

My teeth grind in opposition, but I know he’s right about Caileen. Basic training would eat her alive. She wouldn’t have the guts to shoot someone. It has to be me that stays behind.

“Look, I know you’re against the space program, but it’s our best bet. You think it’s bad in Asik? You think the outsiders living just beyond our walls have it bad? I already talked to Bruce, so I know you’ve been out there…”

“Bruce? You’ve talked to Bruce? How long have you been back?”

“A few days.”

“God, Jeremy. A few days! What the hell! Does Mom know? When were you going to tell us?”

“It doesn’t matter. Probably won’t be staying here for long anyway with the way things are going. Look, what matters is you get back on the space settlement list.”

“Why’s that so important to you? What aren’t you telling me?” I yell at him.

Jeremy glances at the receptionist, who’s beginning to eye us suspiciously. “Stop shouting,” Jeremy whispers and walks me farther away from the lobby desk. “If you’re chosen, the rest of the family gets to go. Don’t you get that? Look, if you knew half the shit that’s going down right now you’d be begging to leave.”

“If it’s so damn important to you, why aren’t you trying to get on the list?”

“You think I haven’t?” Jeremy gives me a pained look. He’s easily smart enough and he’s in great physical condition. It makes no sense. Zimmerman should be standing on his head to have a person like Jeremy. Then it hits me.

“Dad didn’t approve it?”

“I’m his right-hand man,” Jeremy scoffs. “If he only knew, right?” Jeremy’s lips curl in a devious grin and I can’t help but smile back. He’s opposed pretty much everything Dad’s put in place. Jeremy doesn’t support recruiting hundreds of men to use for missions, and he helps sneak food to the outsiders. By how smoothly things went with this morning’s supply drop, Jeremy’s got a whole crew of people on base working covertly against our father.

“So, if you’re his right-hand man, you must know what’s going to happen next.”

Jeremy runs a palm across the top of his shaved head. “Let’s just say our trade didn’t exactly go as planned.” He sucks in a breath and gives me a serious look that makes my stomach drop again. “This is why you need to get your act together. Today! The shit storm is coming and it won’t be long until it hits home.”

Amazon USAmazon Int’l Goodreads

With nowhere else to go and separated from their friends, Avery and Clesandra head into the dark mist with Commander Smith hot on their trail. Endless are the rumors about the mist and its shrouded secrets. Avery cannot worry about those rumors. Other problems plague his mind.

Where is Jace? Is he safe? Where are the others? How will they find them without getting lost themselves? Will he and Clesandra live long enough to see their child born?

Avery and Clesandra discover new truths and lies as they continue their periled journey, including a dark secret that threatens not only the colonists and natives of Panacea but also the entire Universe.

Death. I’ve thought of it often. The freeing peace of nonexistence. No more fighting. No more war. I’ve ached for that serenity on more than one occasion. Of course, there’s also that terrifying moment of meeting the unknown head-on. After watching more than half my family die in front of me, and nearly dying myself, it’s hard not to commit to the reality that, in moments, Clesandra or I could be gone forever. I cast a sideways glance at Clesandra. Her luminescent green eyes are focused ahead, straining to see what’s inside the mist.

She removes her knife from her back pocket and presses the button on the side. The instant the blue blade appears, the gray mist enveloping us crackles with blinding, bright lightning bolts of blue.

Bolts whiz around us, expanding in all directions like an exploding star. Instinctively, I cover Clesandra’s head. She nearly slices my arms open with her knife trying to do the same thing for me. Just as quickly as the lightning storm started, it disappears. We’re both left gripping each other for dear life and squinting into the distance. The sudden blast of light was so blinding that the mist seems even darker. We crouch, huddled together, waiting for our eyes to readjust as wispy gray tendrils wrap around us. It’s almost as if they’re pulling us forward.

Now, faced with the moment of unknown and the knowledge that a swift and unavoidable death may be lurking mere feet in front of us, I’m not ready to die. There’s more I want to experience. More I want out of life. I want more time with this woman, however horrible or tragic it may turn out to be.

“Put the knife away,” I whisper.

“What was that?” she asks, disengaging the blade.

I shake my head. “I don’t know. Come on. We have to get moving.”

Despite the gripping fear making my heart all but leap from my chest, I pull Clesandra forward, trudging through the deep mud and embracing the unknown. There’s not a doubt in my mind that Smith saw the blue lightning. We might as well have a neon sign hovering above our heads. We aren’t safe where we are. We probably aren’t safe where we’re going.


In an effort to write a biography that won’t bore people stiff, I’ve kept this one pretty simple. I, Andrea Perno (and yes it is very strange referring to myself in the third person) write futuristic science fiction. I am a writer, an illustrator, an artist, an outdoor enthusiast and oh yeah, how could I forget the most important one? I’m a middle school inspirational life coach, disciplinarian, stand-in parent, “stop throwing clay at him and for the love of God put your jacket on it’s cold outside”…teacher.

I grew up in Florida and Pennsylvania where my childhood consisted of riding horses, catching lizards, shooting, hiking, building things, and camping literally all over the U.S.A. My parents are keen on experiencing all that life has to offer. That mentality has really shaped who I have become as an adult. I also grew up watching huge doses of science fiction (thanks, Mom) and home improvement shows (thanks, Dad) Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman, Superman, Bob Vila, Home Improvement, MacGyver…I could go on or I could just say that’s where a ton of my writing inspiration comes from. I love creating worlds for people to escape.

I’m a workaholic with very little free time who’s fueled by chocolate and French Vanilla tea…yes tea, not coffee. I’m allergic to coffee. I will die. Though it may seem like I run all day and have zero time left for anything else, I am savagely loyal and passionate and will drop anything in a heartbeat for friends or family who need me. I, we…are nothing if not for the people around us.


Promo Tour – Heritage Series


BOOKS 1 & 2

by Layne Macadam

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Erotica

Wolf Shifter, Caleb Grayson’s opinion of humans is lower than a rattlesnake’s belly, that is, until Lara Walker comes into his life. But can the pretty veterinarian, with her marmalade curls and flashing green eyes, be trusted with his secret?

As alpha of his pack he is duty bound to keep them safe and, with genocidal hunters closing in on them, that means maintaining anonymity. So will sharing his secret strengthen Lara’s and his relationship? Or will it send her running in horror and announcing his heritage to the world?

When the decision to reveal all is snatched out of his hands the revelation, not only turns her world inside out, but it has far-reaching repercussions neither could have imagined.

Caleb Grayson’s fur spiked and his tail swished with anger as without a thought or a care, Nora bounded off down the street, leapt over the suburban fence and was lost from sight. His orders to the pack had been clear. Bare minimum—travel in pairs. Stay together at all times. Watch each other’s back. The lure of fresh rabbit must have overridden duty and common sense.

The growl he released was feral as he took off after her. The rules were put in place to keep his pack safe. Hunters were on the warpath and they were after wolf shifters with deadly intent. He’d already lost one member to their violence and would not lose another. Humans, he made a derisive sound. They were uncaring and self-centered. He’d yet to meet one he liked. He pulled his muzzle into a sneer and bared his teeth at the thought of that race.

One giant leap had him over the fence and landing smoothly on all fours on the other side. Nora was farther up the yard edging closer to her goal, but she was not alone.

Frozen to the spot he couldn’t move had his life depended on it. It was as if he’d stepped into a trough of rapid dry cement and was stuck fast. His heartbeat had ramped up and his tail twitched at the sight of the divine human before him. Awestruck, he snarled at the smaller gray wolf beside him. They’d talk about her transgression later. Nora was an adolescent and still in the playful stage of wanting to hunt live prey. Fresh meat was tempting but no excuse for defying his orders. She pawed the ground waiting for him to speak telepathically, but he was speechless. The female human had him dumbstruck and transfixed.

She was a good head shorter than he, athletically built with dips and curves in all the right places, and her spiral curls were the color of marmalade and looked every bit as rich and glossy in the lunar light.

It came to him in a flash then, this human with her emerald eyes sparkling like gemstones was his mate. He’d waited centuries to find her, had given up hope, and now, like a bolt from the blue there she was. Not even Lycan, but human. It was cruel, preposterous, but true. He had little tolerance for the species, but he ached to carry her home, cherish her, breed with her, howl with elation, but he quashed the instinct as his homosapien side surged to the fore—tread carefully, do not rush this—she may not understand.

“Caleb, what is it?” Nora’s telepathic voice quivered with unease.

He didn’t answer, couldn’t answer, so consumed was he with the human before him. Her shape was visible through the silk of her gown. The night breeze had molded the thin white material to her womanly form. She was a vision. He was grateful it was a she-wolf beside him and not a male from his pack.

As he continued to stare, mouth agape and tongue lolling, the breeze picked up and she shivered. Her nipples punched out against the flimsy fabric. He whimpered. His heart pounded faster now as if he’d run for miles at top speed over the rugged terrain around his Black Mountain home.

“Caleb what’s wrong, can’t you hear me?” Nora’s voice was high-pitched now and sharper than normal.

Before he could speak the woman took a small tentative step toward Nora’s midnight snack. She reacted on natural impulse. Her fur stood on end, a menacing growl emanated from lips drawn back in a savage snarl baring sharp teeth. Crouched low and ready to spring, it was enough to have him recover his voice.

“Stay. The human is my mate. Threaten her and you threaten me.” As he sent the telepathic message, Nora dropped to her haunches, and with a whimper assumed a submissive position—she would not dare challenge him.

The command was issued with his sight still glued to his female. The stiffening breeze had whipped the ginger ringlets around her face giving a halo effect, but when her eyes widened and she trembled, it pierced his heart like a blade. He hated seeing her frightened, smelling her fear, but at this point there was little he could do.

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Jonah Lawson is a wolf with secrets. Fate has dealt him a shabby hand, so, long ago, he decided to lead a solitary life, never to inflict his tortured past on any female. He takes his pleasures outside the pack with human women, and that works just fine and dandy until the exquisite Camille Robineau arrives at the compound claiming relative status to his alpha, and he knows then and there, he’s in serious trouble.

With his protective armor slipping, he treats her with sardonic indifference, but when the headstrong, reckless Camille goes missing, he realizes she’s taken his heart along with her. His wolf senses ignite and he leads a search party to find her that ends with dire consequences no one could have foreseen and leaves Camille making a sacrifice that will impact the rest of her life.

The house, when it came into view, was not what Caleb had been expecting. Then again, he wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting, his head was so in a muddle, but a ramshackle dwelling in the wilderness was not it. The log cabin was from another era and had seen better days, but it
was clean and well kept. There was a settee and two rockers on the porch out front, and two steps leading up to an open front door.

“Looks like someone’s home.” He drew in a big breath and let it out slow as he parked the car alongside an old-model Ford at the end of the drive. He got out and scanned the place with interest as he walked around to open Lara’s door. A banged-up CTG 750 was under a lean-to a few yards in front of the Ford, and beyond that a makeshift clothesline, complete with sheets flapping in the breeze, was strung between two trees.

Lara got out and stood beside him just as an attractive slender woman, balancing a basket of laundry on her hip, came out the door and trotted down the steps before noticing she had company.

On spotting them, color drained from her face. The basket hit the ground, spilling the contents onto the dirt in a sodden pile. Her hand covered her mouth.

“Caleb.” The single word puffed over pale lips in a bare whisper as she dropped to the steps, sitting down hard with a thud, her hand fluttering over her heart. “Is it really you?” she mouthed.

Before he could answer, a male who could only be Connor burst through the open door, sleep tousled and wearing jeans clearly pulled on in a hurry, unzipped and sliding off his hips.

He rushed to her side and touched her shoulder. “Mother, I heard you fall. Are you all right? Let me help you.”

Lara made a move forward while Caleb remained glued to the spot, studying the scene as if from another planet. His mother was striking. And at first glance, Connor and he were mirror images, but the more he studied his brother, subtle differences became evident. They were of a similar size, both being big males, but Connor emitted a latent anger simmering beneath the surface. Although both had wolf tattoos, his was just on his bicep, while his twin had a complete sleeve. The most obvious and bewildering difference, though, was the absence of a white streak in Connor’s raven hair.

Perhaps he’d misunderstood Rose. He rubbed the back of his neck in contemplation while he viewed the whole picture. Lara bent down and started collecting the soiled laundry, shoving it back into the basket. Up until that point, Connor seemed oblivious of their presence. He spared her a glance now, then flicked a transient look over him before turning away and helping his mother up and onto the settee. That was Caleb’s cue.

With determined strides, he crossed to his mate and clasped her elbow. “Leave that, Lara.” Neck hairs bristling, resentment rising, he drew her upright and supported her up the steps. “I didn’t mean to shock you, M-M Amber-Lee.” ‘Mother’ stuck in his craw. She’d never been a mother to him.

Connor cleared his throat and with languid movements straightened and zipped his jeans, his flowing hair wafting in the breeze that had kicked up a notch. Without a word of acknowledgment or greeting, he slipped a band from his wrist, secured his long hair in a ponytail, then folded his arms and glowered.

“I guess you know who I am?” Caleb schooled his features and adopted an affable stance he was far from feeling.

“Yeah, we know who you are, and if you think we give a shit, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

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Multi-award nominated Australian author, Layne Macadam, writes hot and spicy romance in a variety of genres, including paranormal, sci-fi, and contemporary. Always an avid reader, one day, having exhausted her supply of paperbacks, she decided to try her hand at writing. After a lot of determination, hard work, and frustration, she completed her first novel, Desire Unleashed.

With a passion for travel, Layne has been able to draw on her practical knowledge and experiences when setting the backdrop for her stories. The Australian Outback plays a part in Obsession Down Under. Kentucky’s Black Mountain and the Canadian Rockies feature in her shifter Heritage Series, while her Desire Books follow the antics of a team of Navy SEALs on their adventures in exotic locations around the globe. Her repertoire, thus far, includes two novels and four novellas, with the much awaited third book in her Desire Series to be completed by the end of the year.

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